Gunya engages in:

  • Assisting and coaching of startups
  • Feasibility studies
  • Market surveys and instigating acquisitions
  • Implementation of market strategies
  • Developing and implementing of growth processes
  • Developing and implementing of products and services
  • Acquiring strategic partners
  • Strategic repositioning

The recipe for growth

Nourishing your business’s potential growth, that is our goal. We realize this target while keeping your personal needs in mind; whether it is growth, development or continuity. At Gunya we have a seasoned recipe to achieve this: we start by utilising the basic ingredients of the structure of your business, the exploration of your market, and the strategic positioning of your organisation. The main ingredient is our dedication to find the unique taste of your idea, business, and/or product. The integration of these distinct ingredients are the recipe for your business’s development. Together with you Gunya adds the flavour.

The golden egg

Is your organisation the goose that has laid a golden egg? At Gunya we find this query particularly interesting. There is a possibility you are already in possession of a golden egg, be it an idea, a prototype or a successful product introduction. Gunya supports you to develop plans to hatch this golden egg into an actionable and commercial success. Gunya furthermore creates an optimal atmosphere in which you can focus on the important aspects of your golden egg: product development, customer relationship management, and market development. Shape your business into a streamlined organism both legally, organizationally, and commercially. Together with you, Gunya will establish the perfect environment for your golden egg to hatch in. Find out more about other [golden] eggs that have been hatched under our supervision here.
Gunya support companies to realize their business’s growth potential. Either by inquiring ideas with growth potential or by offering a platform to develop existing ideas into a full-fledged business. Gunya operates in both the for-profit and the non-profit sector in which she advises on the crossroads of innovation, finance, and commerce. Nothing gratifies us more than transforming your idea into results!
  • Business development
  • Investment
  • Startups
  • Valorization
  • Interimmanagement