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Business development
From technology to business

From technology to business

In possession of a concrete idea, but find yourself lacking a business plan?

Gunya transforms your idea into a powerful business by making well-grounded decisions and by providing assistance on the technical, financial, and commercial components of your idea.

Are you looking to introduce a new product or service?

Gunya has a proven track record of overlooking market introductions. We established this track record by starting with taking several strategic considerations and thereby eliminating a lot of potential pitfalls before the actual introduction. These strategic considerations range from, performing a feasibility study, engaging in conversation with parties that are open to support the development of your product, mapping your market, and providing communicative support to different customer groups.

You have a service or product on the market, but the market dynamic has shifted.

Gunya will analyze your market and determine a market entry point where your actions will be most fruitful. Growth potential as well as risk areas will be mapped by a market survey. On these basic fundaments you will be able to make a responsible decision when you are either making investments or customizing your product or target group within the market. Gunya will guide and monitor you through this process step-by-step.
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